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Archi-COM 3D impressions is an innovating company. Quality and customer service are our main priorities. We would like to make sure you recommend us to your friends and family. To get a better view of a 2D floor plan or sketch. We make a 3D model so we can show what your plan is going to look like. By using 3D based models you can see, if you like it, before starting to change your project.

Are you planning to renovate, redecorate your house,  or you want to build a new house?
If you are unsure about what the end result looks like? Do you want security?
Do you want to be sure that whats designed by the architect* also is going to look like you want it. here fore we can make you a 3D model you will not be surprised by unnecessary costs.** If you want a 3D printed model because you’re not sure of an impression, we can also print your design in 3D.*** With us you do not have to get the trouble you give us a place and a time and we come.This can be a free consultation or a progress meeting. We are an innovative company with the goal of improving your housing desires. Our motto is: “If you can dream it, we can design it.” We are competitively priced supply high quality and good service. So if you want to apply for a design, please call or email us for a free consultation. We come whenever it suits you!

* The impression models of Archi-COM should not be used as construction drawings Archi-COM is not responsible for damage or structural failure by our impressions.
** We can work together with your architect / engineer / or project developer to prefect your dream.
*** A 3D printed model of your project depends on the choices for the input detail. A 3D model can be purchased separately but is included with our 3 and 4 choices.